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All recruitments in ReachMee are done through projects. If you have the right access rights you can create a new project by following the guides below, we'll go through all the steps of creating a project in a few different articles:

  • Create a project (you're here)
  • Define the recruitment process
  • Create the perfect job ad
  • How to define the best questions
  • Publish the job ad

So, lets move on!

1. Add project
Click on the "+" sign in the top right corner

2. Define the project
This is where you enter the basic information such as name, description and the number of people you are looking to hire. These fields depend on what you have chosen when you started out with ReachMee and can be managed, updated and made mandatory as you go.
Mandatory information is marked with a "*"

3. Name and description
These fields are to make sure that you can find the project in the listing within ReachMee and to give information to other members who are working with you.

4. Classification
All the fields and their content can be changed depending on the needs of your organization. They can also be made mandatory if you wish

5. Organization
If you have setup your organizational structure in ReachMee you can define where in the organization the project belongs to make sure that the reports and statistics are correct.

You have now created your very first project - well done!

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